Mr. Krupp

Benny Krupp is the mean and grouchy principal of Jerome Horowitz Elementary School and the alter-ego of Captain Underpatns.

Role in the Series.Edit

Mr. Krupp is the principal of Jerome Horowitz Elementary School. He hates fun and children, especially George and Harold. After he blackmails the two with a video, they hypnotize him, but accidentally turn him into Captain Underpants. Now, Mr. Krupp will turn into Captain Underpants when he hears someone snap their fingers and turn back when his head gets wet.

Mr. Krupp is very mean to the children of the school, and is often the victim of George and Harold's pranks.

Character DescriptionEdit

Mr. Krupp has been described by Melvin as "old and fat and bald and ugly" as well as having bad breath and crispy nose hairs. Mr. Krupp wears a short-sleeved white shirt with a tie, dark pants, and a toupee. He has an odd shaped nose.